Tournament/Training Camp

Host Title Target / Major Criteria Conditions Contact
Various sports events attraction and promotion of business subsidies. Toyohashi or Toyohashi City Board of Education shall offer joint-sponsorship/support of tournaments, which fit the criteria below and are deemed to be necessary by the mayor.

  • (1) International scale sporting events.
  • (2) National, West (East) Japan or sporting events of that scope.
  • (3) Others admitted by the Mayor.

• The amount of necessary expenses for auxiliary operations must fall with the scope of the budget for auxiliary business.

Toyohashi Board of Education
Sports Division
Sports Promotion Group
TEL: +81 5 3251-2867
Cultural and sports event subsidy. Sports event to be held in Kasugai city.

  • International scale sports events.
  • National scale sports events.
  • Central, Tokai district, county, regional sports tournaments.
  • Subsidy calculation basis amount within 1/2 of total amount of subsidy expenses.
  • Limit of one million yen. Subsidy calculation basis amount less than ¥ 500,000 is exempt.
Kasugai City Cultural and Sports Department
Sports Division
Sports Promotion Head
TEL: +81 5 6884-7117


MICE Subsidy Program. The MICE programe supports sporting events held in Aichi Prefecture when participants stay one or more nights in Gamagori Tourism Association affiliated accommodation and if more than 30 people stay in such affiliated accommodation (billeting allowed).
  • ¥ 500 per person, limited to ¥ 100,000 per organization.
  • May only be used once per organization per year.
Gamagori Tourism Association
TEL: +81 5 3368-2526